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Welcome to the Discipleship at MARS Ministry, a transformative journey designed to equip and empower you on your path of faith. We believe that discipleship is not just a program but a lifestyle – a continuous process of deepening your relationship with God and understanding your unique purpose in His plan.


Our Discipleship Class is a dynamic and interactive experience that welcomes believers of all ages and stages. Whether you're a new believer seeking a solid foundation or a seasoned follower of Christ yearning for spiritual growth, this class offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored to meet your needs.

What to Expect:

1. Foundational Teachings: Explore the core principles of Christianity, delving into the fundamental truths of faith, salvation, and the Gospel message. These teachings provide a strong grounding for your spiritual journey.

2. Practical Application: Discipleship isn't just about knowledge – it's about translating that knowledge into action. Engage in discussions, activities, and real-life scenarios that challenge you to apply biblical principles in your daily life.

3. Personal Growth: Uncover your spiritual gifts, talents, and passions as you discover the unique purpose God has for you. Through introspection and guidance, you'll find ways to contribute meaningfully to your church and community.

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